STAGE 1 (K-3RD) &
Beginning with our Infant area, you can be sure that your child will be well loved and cared for by our dedicated teams. We have a safe ‘baby-friendly’ environment with changing tables and diapers. We ensure your child will receive the highest quality care and attention.
Our Toddler area provides a safe environment for your child to play and be well taken care of. We ensure your child will receive the highest quality care and attention.
Our Preschool area has the unique opportunity to introduce your preschool age child to stories that teach Jesus on their level. We ensure your child will receive the highest quality care and attention.
Stage 1 & Stage 2 are unique and energetic worship services designed to engage, enrich, and teach your children about Jesus on their level. Your children will be exposed to God’s word and learn more about what a relationship to Him is all about. You can be confident that your child is being well cared for and having a great time learning. 
An exciting place for your kids to learn about Jesus on their level!
(Located in the CP Kids Building)
Planning Center is a secure check-in system we use in order to protect your child while they are in our care. As a part of Planning Center, you and your child will both receive a name badge. This will allow us to be sure of the safety of your child by helping us contact you in the event that it is needed, make us aware of any allergic reactions your child may have, and allow only you or someone you have designated to pick up your child when service has ended.
Where We Meet
CP Kids Infants (Newborn–12months), Toddlers (1yr–2yrs), Preschool (3yrs–5yrs) and CP Kids Stage 1 (K-3rd) all meet in designated areas within the CP Kids Building. Stage 2 (4th-5th) meet in the upper building within the CP Students Room.
CP Kids meet every Sunday morning at 9:00am & 10:30am.
(Drop-off begins @ 8:50am & 10:20am) 
First Time Families
While we realize that it is tough as a first time guest to allow us the opportunity to care for your children, please know that our leaders and teams will ensure the love and safety of your child. Not only do we share Jesus on their level, it also provides fewer distractions for those in our worship service who may need to make a decision about their own eternal future. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your family.
(All children’s area workers are subject to a Background Check to ensure the safety of your child)